One month ago I made airline ticket reservations for our move to Orlando, but I could only purchase two tickets. Annie will travel with us, so we needed to get a confirmed reservation for her as well. Delta Airlines wasn’t responding with a confirmation right away, so we decided not to purchase all four tickets in case we had to find another airline on which to take Annie. For the last month only Cathy and Andrew had tickets to fly. Finally yesterday we got confirmation that Annie can travel with us, so now Audrey and I can go, too. Whew.

It recently occured to me how much different this move will be from our last one. Whereas three years ago we were moving into a relatively unknown situation, this time we are moving to our old stomping grounds. While this may have been fairly obvious to an outside observer, I’m a little more dense than most outside observers and hadn’t really grasped that. Even hiring a moving company seems easy now.