Month: July 2007

Orlando Now

Denver Aiport

Going Through Denver Aiport

Back home again today, reunited with Audrey and Annie, we’re catching up on bills, mail, and unpacking. Our CCC U.S. Staff Conference was a great experience, and we have a lot to think about. Even though the rest of my coworkers were also at the conference, the pace of getting things done didn’t slow down much. All of us were having meetings and arranging more work since it was a chance to be with the people who are using in their ministries.

Best of all was seeing friends from the last 18 years of our time with Campus Crusade for Christ. Many of our friends from Budapest were there, too.

Switchfoot Unplugged and Others

Tonight three members of Switchfoot gave us an unplugged concert. It was a privilege not lost on us. Even Andrew liked it.

For the last nine days we have heard from others, too. This has been good, but it has been exhausting. After the first two mornings we had enough to think about for a week or two, but there has been a stream of other talks since then delivering just as much emotional, mental, and spiritual cargo as the first two. Lots to process.

Here’s two minutes someone captured of the concert.


Rocky Mountain National Park - Cathy

Cathy at 12,000′

A trip to Fort Collins, Colorado requires a drive up to Rocky Mountain National Park and along Trail Ridge Road to the park’s visitor center just above 12,000′. The change of scenery is so refreshing!

The park wasn’t too crowded today, and the animals didn’t seem to mind the tourists who were there. The elk, rams, and coyotes we saw all ignored the cameras pointing at them. We tried hiking an easy trail, but Andrew and his friend were more interested in climbing rocks and making their own trail, so Cathy and I just enjoyed being outside in the mountains.

Andrew grabbed my camera a few times and took some really good photos. You can see them here. The first four are his.

Back to Dorm Life

CSU Dorm

CSU Dorm

When I walked into the dorm building at Colorado State University (CSU) to register for our Campus Crusade staff conference, the smell inside took me back to 1989 when Cathy and I first came to CSU for our new staff member training. The dorm buildings still smell the same as they did back then. They are good memories, and they remind us of what we were thinking back then and why we joined Campus Crusade.

The messages we are hearing now also remind us why we joined Campus Crusade. Dying to ourselves and our desires in life and surrendering to the work of the gospel still speaks to us. We still believe the eternal value of letting God use our work to advance his kingdom is greater than pursuing our own agenda. This commitment might not always have us at Campus Crusade, but for now we think this is where God wants us.

So anyway, living in a dorm again is nice. The cafeteria is downstairs, and the only challenge is getting there when it’s open and not eating too much. Still, I have not managed to reduce my daily number of chocolate ice cream cones to less than two.

On Our Way

It has been six years since our last Campus Crusade for Christ U.S. Staff Conference in Fort Collins, Colorado. We are on our way to this year’s event, hanging out, waiting at the Orlando airport due to a weather delay.

This time Audrey stayed home to go to camp, and she will float around at various friends’ houses after camp until we return. We will probably see as much of Andrew, who is with us, as we will of Audrey. He will be part of CCC’s high school program during our conference. Cathy and I are expecting a renewed sense of vision and energy as a result of our time, too.

And a trip to the mountains is on the docket.

Home Again

I’m back home now and happy to be so. I loved being in Korea and eating Korean food, but I’m ready to return to my normal diet again. I have lots of photos, several new friends, and many good memories.

As far as goes, the trip was a home run success. It provided the opportunity to build relationships with many of the leaders of CCCI in Asia who now plan to begin using a translation of our site to reach students in their country. This made the trip worth it alone, not to mention the thousands of other students who now know how they can personally use our site. CCCI’s president, Steve Douglass, helped boost interest as well when he mentioned in his address to the students. The trip was a lot of work but well worth the effort.

Being a Tourist in Seoul

Seoul, South Korea  - Inn

Our Mountain Inn

This is the bed and breakfast we stayed at in the hills outside of Seoul. My brother’s friend’s father built it just a year ago, and it doesn’t look very Asian to me. Nothing in Korea looks very Asian to me, except for the language.

Today we visited a church in the town nearby, and we ran into a group of students from the CM2007 Conference doing an outreach there. A few were Americans (who grew up in Korean homes and knew the language), so we could talk with them.

Here are a few pictures from around Seoul.

Here is my whole pile of pictures from around Seoul.

My brother’s friend and his wife were our guides this weekend. They shared a common language with my brother, but they spoke little English, so I did more listening than talking. They gave us the most generous Korean hospitality you could imagine.

Missionary Graveyard

Seoul, South Korea Missionary Cemetary

Korean Missionary Cemetery

We took the bullet train from Busan to Seoul and topped 300 km/hr (186 mph) along the way. It was a good way to see Korea in a short amount of time. Korea reminds me a lot of Austria; green, mountainous and clean.

In Seoul our first stop was a missionary cemetery. 100 years ago there were no Christians in Korea. Today 25% of the population identifies with Jesus Christ, and Korea is the second largest missionary sending nation itself. This cemetery is a record of those who had pioneered the way to Christ for Korea.

Feeding 16,000

Feeding 20,000 Lunch

Lunch at CM2007

Lunch and dinner at the CM2007 Conference is amazing. They get about 16,000 people fed in less than two hours. Twice we have had McDonald’s Big Macs for lunch. That many Big Macs ready at the same time and same location strikes me as quite an accomplishment. I had to miss both those lunches, but I didn’t mind, as my seaweed, fish, and rice breakfasts have been carrying me through until dinner.

July 12 Update: Originally I had written that there were 20,000 attendees at this conference, but today I learned the official number was 15,994. 10,800 of those were Koreans, and the rest were from 121 different countries.

Long Day at CM2007 Conference Seminar at CM2007 Seminar at CM2007

The day began with a breakfast meeting and ended at 9:30 when we shut down the booth at CM2007 (“Campus Mission 2007”). Our two seminars about using to reach university campuses with the gospel went well, and people are excited about what they are hearing about

We sat Korean style for the seminars; no chairs. I stole a bench from one of the convention center restaurants just so I could operate the powerpoints and video projector without stooping over our table for four hours.

And we discovered that writing our hotel address didn’t help our taxi driver get us home. He only reads Korean characters. Duh.