Month: August 2007

I Want A Spiderman Suit

spider suit

Maybe Someday This Will Be Me

Winner of the ‘Cool Thing Of The Day Award’, a Spiderman suit. According to the BBC, such a thing may be possible in the near future. If so, I’d like one. Researchers looked at geckos and discovered how they stuck to walls. With developing technology they may be able to reproduce the same effect in a suit that humans can wear.

A “Spider-man” suit that enables its wearer to scale vertical walls like the comic and movie superhero could one day be a reality. . .

The article ends with this profound and insightful observation.

But human muscles are very different to those of geckos, so people would probably suffer from muscle fatigue if they tried to stick to a wall for many hours.



Soularium Site

One of the most unique and interesting things I’ve seen Campus Crusade produce lately has been Soularium. It’s a great way to connect with another person in a whole new way.

An interviewer takes a group of 50 photos and asks the interviewee which represents their life, which reflects their view of God, which expresses what they would like their life to be like, and so forth.

You can see results of surveys done so far at

You can order your own set of Soularium photos here.

First Day Back

First Day of School - Andrew & Audrey

First Day Back at School

Today was Andrew and Audrey’s first day back at school. They’re really too old now to make a big deal about the first day of school, but this is more for the record.

Andrew brought back homework on his first sophomore day and a heavy class load. Four Advanced Placement classes, French II (difficult), and a computer graphics class, his only easy one. He’s not excited about school to begin with, so we’ll see how long this schedule lasts.

Audrey starts her last year at Trace Academy, 8th grade. She would have started high school this year if it were possible.

The picture above is Photoshopped.

First Day of School Andrew First Day of School Audrey This is how it really looked. Andrew left in the dark before Audrey was awake (and before he was fully awake), and by the time I got home I didn’t have the heart to make Audrey get her school clothes back on for a picture together.

How To Save $50 And Enjoy It

Entertainment Books for Sale

Entertainment Coupon Book ’08

Shop at Publix? You can save $20. Eat at restaurants in your area? You can save $15 going out for dinner.

Sound like a commercial? It is.

Audrey is selling Entertainment Books to raise money for her school. You can help her and save money, too. Need an easy wedding gift or Christmas gift? This is your solution. And there are editions for most major cities in the U.S.

If you live in Orlando, we can deliver one to your door for $25 ($5 off regular price). Just contact me. Or you can order one online.

For almost any other city you can buy a book online, too. Just supply Audrey’s code, 110306, on this page, and she will get credit for your purchase. Half the cost of each book sold goes toward our school, so buy some for all your friends!

You can also leave a comment below with your email address, and I can have Entertainment, Inc. send you a special email with a link to purchase coupon books that credit toward Audrey’s school.

Blog Birthday #3

Earlier this month I passed the three year mark for writing this blog. That’s the good news. The bad news is that I really only had about two years’ of interesting things to write about. When I started it was just an experiment, but I found it was therapeutic to process life that way. So now three years later I’m still wasting your time but generally enjoying it.

Buck Stops Here

Buck in the Backyard

Buck in our Backyard

Sorry about the cheesy headline and the grainy photo. For all you know this could have been Bigfoot or Sasquatch. But it was really a buck, and he has stopped by our backyard twice in the last two weeks.

Craig’s List Carpet

Craig's List Carpet

Carpet from Craig’s List

Living with pets requires living with messes. I don’t like that, but the cost of the pet is worth the benefit for the rest of the family. The most recent casualty is that our family room carpet has become pretty – well, tired from being messed on. After living on a wood floor for three years in Budapest we came to love wood, and we’d like to put wood down and be done with it, but that’s not an option right now. Nor is new carpet. Nor is the current carpet. We even considered treating the concrete floor and adding area rugs. We were desperate for a solution, so we prayed.

The next day God provided.

Cathy started looking on Craig’s List and found enough nearly-new carpet to cover our family room and then some – for $50. We think the carpet is an exact match to what we have, too. The previous owners of the carpet had purchased a new-construction home and then removed this “builder carpet” after a couple months. It’s very likely they had the same builder we did or that their builder used the same supplier. It’s the same carpet, either way.

Now we just need to find a pad and figure out how to install it.

New Host Blue Host

I switched to a new web hosting service, BlueHost. My old web hosting service provider,, lacked a security feature I really wanted, and the experience I’ve had (or not had, as it were) with their customer support department over the last three days convinced me that now was the time to move. (The person I finally was able to talk to at Customer Support was very helpful, and he restored things back to where they were before, but the days of silence from them was a problem.)

So after a few (hopefully) minor cleanup items this site should be humming along from a new place in the world.

Compromised Today told me this morning they had moved my web site to one of their quarantined servers because of my apparent abuse of their shared web server. “If you can’t play fair, we’ll put you in time out” was essentially the message.

This was news to me, as I have not made any changes lately. So I figured my site has been compromised; hacked.

I called their tech support and got an amazing amount of NO INFORMATION OR HELP. Rather, I got instructions on how to open a new Help Desk ticket to let them know when I have my site cleaned up. Cleaning up my site is a bit of a challenge, given that their move of my site rendered my login to the control panel invalid. Without that it’s hard to see what is going on with my site.

So I updated WordPress, and I’ll pull down my old photo gallery software (requiring a lot of work re-posting previously published photos). I have no idea if this will solve the problem or not since I have little idea what the problem was in the first place.

I had been thinking of changing web hosting providers lately, and this pushed me over the edge. Now I just need to find the time to do it.