Month: October 2007

Family Picture

Hertzler Family Portrait

Each year that goes by seems to make getting a family picture more difficult. The planets finally aligned this afternoon, and we got something that might work for a while. This is what it started out like, but through the wonders of Photoshop we’ll use it in other contexts and with other backgrounds. Like the new blog header above.

website header graphic 2007-10-28

Want to help your high school student transition to college well? has the resources and information you need to help them get started in the right direction. This is a cooperative venture between most of the campus ministries in the U.S.

Guest on Digital Nation Radio

Digital Nation Radio

Today I was a guest on Digital Nation Radio with Tim Taylor (WFLA 540 am at 2:00 pm EDT) and talked about the different portable computing options available now. There are some really cool things you can do with your iPod or USB flash drive these days!

My interest in this began about a year ago when Russ Licht gave me a secured (encrypted) USB flash drive that he configured with a suite of programs that ran from the flash drive. At the time he called this the Mobile Office Project, but later the name changed to MCX (Mobile ConneXion). Last month I delivered a batch of “MCX drives” to our volunteers in Central Asia.

Sound interesting?

Here is how you can make your own portable computing device.

The Trampoline Is Back!

Trampoline is back!

Audrey, Andrew, and Morgan,
Jumping Again

The best family toy we ever had didn’t pass the approval of our FORMER homeowner’s insurance policy, so we had to take it down. Recent changes with State Farm allowed us to switch to them, save money, and re-assemble the big toy. Thank you, State Farm and Jim Ackerman (our State Farm agent and friend)! We’re all a happier bunch now.

Tom and Jerry Back in Budapest

Tom and Jerry Back in Budapest

Tom and Jerry in Budapest

On Saturday, of my weekend in Budapest, I just wanted to take public transportation downtown and enjoy the view again. Tom and I had a good time, and the weather was perfect. I wish I could do this every weekend.