Month: March 2008

Block Party

Block Party

Block Party BBQ

Easily one of the most enjoyable things we’ve done since moving back to our old house in Orlando was the block party we had tonight with our neighbors. Of the 15 houses on our cul-de-sac, we had 26 people join us for a barbecue and bring-whatever meal. Many of our neighbors met each other for the first time, and we all got to know each other better than before. Most of the families on our court have lived outside the U.S. at one time or another, so we have more in common with each other than just our current residence.

Junkyard Dive 2

Junkyard Dive 2

Another Junkyard Escort

Our trip to the body shop last Friday for an estimate gave us hope that we can get Humpty back together again. But we needed another key piece of the front-end puzzle, a header panel. On Saturday we went to a nicer junkyard across town and had a much nicer experience. We got our header panel, and we’re now experts at taking apart the front end of Ford Escorts, having done this four times. Next Thursday we have an appointment to get the frame bent back into place and our replacement parts installed.

Europe and


European Leaders

A meeting room with people, not very exciting except for what we accomplished.

[Later I realized this post was completely out of context. Dan (standing) and I organized this meeting in Paris to get our European leaders further ahead in how to get students to their language version of in their countries. We gave them a general overview of why to use the Internet to communicate with students (as apposed to spending your time on a university campus trying to meet students in person) and how to use online advertising venues like Google to get students to these sites. And other things. Everyone left with a renewed motivation, a better understanding, new relationships, and good examples to make a priority in their campus ministry plans.]

Junkyard Diving

Junkyard Diving

Junkyard Parts

Today was junkyard diving day. We got up fairly early and hit about 5 used auto parts yards in Bithlo. (Local impresson of Bithlo junkyards being redneck country didn’t prove true at all. There were more Americans-with-accents running them than Americans with Florida accents.)

Good news: Junkyards are a free tutorial on how to work on your car. You can disassemble a vehicle just like your own and walk away at no cost, leaving it unassembled.

Bad news: After returning home with a bumper assembly we discovered, upon trying to install it, that the frame of our car is bent and the new bumper won’t fit.

Not sure how to proceed at this point.

[Update on how to proceed: we’ll take it to a body shop, put it on a frame machine, and hope they can straighten it out for cheap.]

Either way it’s been fun working with Andrew on it.