Month: May 2008

Finally Finished

Door Repair - drip guard installed

Front Door Drip Guard Installed

The duct tape holding the weather strip up under the front door finally gave out – for the fifth time – so I decided to get the job done already. It took me most of the day, but I figured out a way to make it work. Ironically, I don’t think my solution will have a weather strip under the door, but it should be OK because there is no room between the threshold and the bottom of the drip guard anyway.

Total savings on this project: ~$850.
Total cost of the project: 5 Saturdays + materials ($65)

UPDATE (2 June) – Tonight we had some severe thunderstorms with about twenty minutes of driving, heavy rain against the front door. A little stream of water ran through the gap between the bottom corner of the door and the door jamb. D’oh. I may just ignore the problem for now, as most everything at that location is made of vinyl and shouldn’t be damaged by water. But most likely I will resort to cutting off 0.5″ of the bottom of the door so I can fit the proper weather stripping under it. That’s another day-long project. Maybe I’ll wait until next winter when it’s cool again.

Trace Academy Graduation

The Hertzlers at the Trace Academy Graduation

Hertzlers at Graduation

Tonight Audrey graduated from 8th grade and Trace Academy. On to high school for her now. Her class size will jump from 4 to over 1,000, but she is looking forward to the broader horizon.

Cathy graduated tonight, too. After seven years teaching at Trace Academy (with a three year stint at the International Christian School of Budapest), she has now completed her responsibility at this parent-led school. She’s looking forward to catching her breath this summer.

Life Then vs. Life Now

Today I upgraded the software that runs this website, and it reminded me how far my life has moved from about three years ago. At that time I was intrigued with figuring out how to produce this site, and I was making changes weekly. In my free time I would upgrade the software that runs this site within about a week or two of new updates being released. Now my life has different things in it, and it has been nine months since I last upgraded. For now that’s OK. I’m more interested in using my free time to figure out how to get a motorcycle into it than the latest upgrade to this website’s software.

Three years ago Tom and I were also just figuring out how to get students to respond to the gospel on a website. Now I’m wanting to help figure out how to get students to take the next steps of growing spiritually and reaching their world with the gospel on a website.

Georgia on My Mind, our Georgian site

That would be the Georgia that lies just south of Russia, as apposed to the Georgia that lies just south of Tennessee. We’re building an site for this language,, and we’re finding the Georgian alphabet to be a bit of a challenge to display in a normal web browser. There aren’t many Georgian fonts out there, and even fewer that work on both a PC and a Macintosh. Georgia uses their own unique alphabet, and since they are a small country there is not as much developed for the Internet in this language. While this is a difficulty for us now, we anticipate this will give us greater visibility later as our site will be one of a smaller number of sites in this language.

After we figure out how to produce this site, advertising it will be the next challenge. Google, our main ad supplier, does not offer Georgian ads, so we’ll have to be creative.

Harley Day

Harley Day

The 7 Of Us Before Starting Out

Included in the tuition for our motorcycle class was a free one-day Harley rental. Today was the day, and I am now completely ruined. Even though they’re way overpriced, Harley V-Rods ($19k) are really cool bikes and I REALLY NEED one now. I used to think our recently acquired Escort had good acceleration, but after dropping off the bikes tonight and driving it home, I was wondering why it felt like a school bus by comparison. It’s a good thing I have no money for such things, otherwise Harley Davidson would have it now.

Seven of us started out the day riding together and headed northeast on the back roads toward the coast. After lunch in Osteen three of the group headed home while the remaining four of us continued on to put our feet in the ocean at Harley Mecca, Daytona Beach.

Riding a motorcycle with no windshield at, let’s say, “highway speeds” is not unlike holding on to the side of airplane in flight. Pretty fun, but the faster you go the harder it is to hold on. That V-Rod’s 125 horsepower was smooth all the way through the gears and really easy to ride, other than the wind.

None of us had any close calls during the day either, but ironically I almost got hit twice (by cars) in the Harley Davidson store parking lot as I was pulling the bike around to park it at the end of the day.

This was certainly one of the funnest days I have ever had, and I’m hoping it won’t be the last of its kind.


Yesterday I borrowed a friend’s motorcycle and did some more learning-driving. He has a Kawasaki Concours (an older model), and it had plenty of power. After a few trips across the CCCI Lake Hart campus, I ventured out south down Moss Park Road and around Lake Mary Jane. Really fun. On the way back I opened it up on the straightaway to several miles an hour over 55. It rode as smooth at that speed as it did at 35.


We sold our gray van today! It feels great to own one less vehicle, and it feels even better to have sold it to a young family that looked like they could really use an affordable family van.

This time I remembered to visit the tag agency with the buyer. A few years ago I simply gave the title to the buyer, and they failed to transfer the registration. They got in an accident and had an insurance dispute over it. Since my driver’s license was still tied to that vehicle the state of Florida suspended my license! They never notified me either. It wasn’t until six months later when I went to write a new auto insurance policy that my agent told me my license was suspended. It was not difficult to resolve, but it would have been easier to have done it right the first time.

Motorcycle License

Motorcycle License

New Motorcycle License

Yesterday afternoon I got a new driver’s license; one that has a motorcycle endorsement. And we made reservations for our complimentary one-day Harley rentals for next Friday. I reserved a V-Rod. “Are you sure you want that much horsepower?” was the Harley salesman’s question. So now I’m shopping for full-face helmets since the Harley store only rents half-helmets. Maybe that will make up for the extra horsepower.

And the “shocked” license photo got shredded yesterday, too. It went out with glory. I asked the license clerk who took my new picture if I could see it before she printed my new license. “My last one got comments for ten years,” I said. “Ya, it’s the eyes,” was her comeback. “I saw your license and wondered what you’d look like in person.” D’oh.

Back To Life

This week was an experience. One that I would not want to repeat anytime soon. I certainly don’t feel anonymous at this point. After finishing my duty, I went and did some Internet research and decided it is best to move on and not discuss anything here. I’ll be spending more time with my family…