Month: November 2008

Two Moons Over Orlando

2008-11-14 Space Shuttle Launch at Night 2

Night Launch of Endeavor

On my blurry camera phone the launching space shuttle, Endeavor, and the full moon looked pretty similar, but in real life it was a spectacular site. This is one of the benefits of living in Orlando for sure.

If you click this photo you can see two more photos of the shuttle launching (lower right corner of page, click “next photo”).

My Next Meeting


The Time of My Next Meeting

In about 9 hours I’ll have an Internet-based conference demonstrating features of a new system Campus Crusade is developing to help our volunteers respond to visitors from our evangelistic websites. It’s part of my new job helping our staff members in various parts of the world understand what their options are for reaching people in their areas with the gospel.

This diagram shows the time this meeting will occur in each of the locations where someone will be tuning in.

Lunch at Osteen Diner

2008-11-13 Lunch at Osteen Diner

At the Osteen Diner

Lunch today was at Osteen Diner with my friend, Dave. We got there on our motorcycles on a very warm Florida November day. Lunch was good. Travel was better. Dave let me ride his Harley Davidson back home, a bike twice the size of mine. Fun.