Month: April 2009

Did The IOA 5K Again


Ted, Ben, me

I did the IOA 5k again this year and beat my time from last year. That’s always a good thing. Campus Crusade for Christ fielded a team of about 400! We had the biggest team in Orlando, won the best t-shirt design award, and our race director, Lorraine Hardaway, won best race director award. 11,000 people participated in the event in downtown Orlando, so our large group didn’t even seem so large. Friends who walked said they crossed the starting line after I had already finished the race!

Running with coworkers beats a Christmas party.

Cold Air Intake

Cold Air Intake

Cold Air Intake Installed

We now have an oxymoron: a tricked out Escort. Andrew installed a cold air intake, something he’s been wanting to do for a while and finally finished last night. How it works, I don’t understand, but it’s supposed to increase power and fuel efficiency by bringing cold air to the fuel injectors instead of the usual warm air that plastic intake pipes provide. Either way, it’s a cool mod to the Escort.

Now I can write in Россия or 汉语/漢語

Last September I discovered that my blog would not accept foreign characters, and I actually needed to use some cyrillic letters. I just now fixed the problem, so I’m free to compose in 汉语/漢語 if I want.

The problem was that this website uses a database to store all its information, and that database stored everything in latin characters. I had to export and re-import all my data into a new database that stores characters in the UTF8 character set.