Month: May 2009

Another conversation with an atheist ends…

This conversation, from a visitor on, ended well. It seems this visitor, like most atheists who are willing to respond on the website, was raised in a Christian home but rejected his family’s faith. Rather than argue with him, I told him about my experience knowing God. And I told him I didn’t want to change his mind unless he was looking for a different way to see things.

This was his response:
“Well thanks for the conversation Jerry. Sorry for having a rude tone with you, its just i’ve been yelled at and called mean mean mean names so many times for being atheist. Thank you for not trying to change my mind.”

Cottonmouth Greets Us


Cottonmouth by our front door

Andrew walked out the front door today and nearly stepped on this guy. At first we thought it was a water snake, but then he opened his mouth and showed us his two fangs. Then we thought it was a copperhead, but he escaped into the bushes and rattled. And we could see his tail rattling in there, too. But then he escaped entirely, and we couldn’t figure out where he went. So we’ll be checking out the window first whenever we go out our front door for the next few days!

[We originally concluded it was a rattlesnake, but someone left a comment on this photo on saying it was a cottonmouth. He was right. It’s a cottonmouth. This picture on National Geographic looks exactly like what this snake did when he saw us.]

Lucky’s Lake Swim – got the patch, signed the wall

Lucky's Lake Swim - Waiting for start

Greg and I waiting for the start

This morning my friend, Greg, and I did the “Enter the Food Chain 1k Swim” with about 75 others at Lake Cane (and one turtle that I almost bumped into half way across). Lots of fun. Everyone who completes their first lake crossing gets to sign Lucky’s wall and gets a patch and bumper sticker. And they complete the first leg toward the 100k Club. There’s even a Wikipedia article about the swim. Here’s a short video of the start.

Lucky is just a nice guy who opens his boat dock every morning for a group of swimmers. If that wasn’t enough, he provides a patch and bumper sticker to every new successful lake crosser. He’s a generous guy.

I grew up doing lake swims at the family lake in Wisconsin (which is about as far across, at its widest, as Lake Cane), but this had to be the funnest one. And since Greg and I are getting ready for a triathlon we threw in a bike ride and run when we got home. That’s what I call a good Saturday morning!