Month: July 2009

Longs Peak

Longs Peak Start @ 2:30 am

Longs Peak Start @ 2:30 am

We did it! Andrew and I climbed Longs Peak with our friends, Matt and Ben. It was more difficult and treacherous than we expected, but we made it back without falling off or giving up. Our previous hike up to the half-way point didn’t seem to help much. Over 12,500 feet elevation the altitude began really making things difficult. Being light-headed, dizzy, and out of breath while climbing across a narrow rock path above a 100 foot drop off didn’t leave me feeling confident. In spite of the challenges there were at least 300 other people on the trail and about 50 others on the summit when we got there!

We’re glad we did it, but we haven’t talked about doing it again yet.

Here’s Matt’s video of the event.

Tech Team

Tech Team

Summer Tech Team

For most of the summer I have fielded computer questions and resolved laptop problems. This is the team that works with me, all extremely capable. It has been over ten years since I’ve done computer help desk work, but I am enjoying the reprise. We have resurrected nearly-dead laptops, fine tuned slow ones, worked out encoding issues on the Internet broadcast of our conference, and published an online purchasing system to sell off the 70 laptops we used to run the conference and summer programs. They have been a fun team to work with.

Another Big Registration

CCC USSC Registration

Cathy working another registration

Today and tomorrow the rest of CCC’s US Staff members arrive and register for our biennial staff conference. Cathy will be helping people register all day. I scrambled all morning setting up, but now things have slowed down a bit.

Cat Repair – Not $1020, Not $750, $250

Catalytic converter repair, “cat” repair, as most mechanics call it, has a great range of prices for the work! Back in Orlando when the “check engine” light came on in our Chrysler van, the service station we took it to quoted $750 to fix it. We decided to pass. Then today at lunch, here in Fort Collins, the Chrysler dealership quoted $1020 to fix it. I just laughed. The work got done at Hawker’s Auto for $250 later this afternoon. A much nicer price. I have a little better insight now into why Chrysler is going out of business.