Month: July 2010

How Does ‘Mobile Seminary’ Work?

Here’s a brief outline of how our mobile seminary courses will work. We have been calling it our ‘mLearning Project.’

1. Student reads, watches, and listens to a series of educational materials on their phone. (A smartphone like this.)

2. At the end of each piece of educational material (like a video) there is a short quiz that the student completes on their phone. This quiz can either assess the student’s learning or simply indicate the student’s progress through the material and their confidence in understanding it. The learning software running on their smartphone bundles their quiz response into a text message and sends it to the data server at the seminary. Quiz example: “On a scale of 1 to 5, how confident are you that you have understood the material in this section?” or “Which of the following answers is correct?”

3. The instructor is notified when new text messages arrive at the seminary data server, indicating student progress through the material and areas where the student may need extra guidance.

4. At any time the student can initiate a discussion with other students or with an instructor to ask questions or discuss a topic using their phone, either by text message or voice call.

5. At the end of the study period, students return to the seminary for an exam that assesses their overall learning of the course material.

6. Future classes can be downloaded at an Internet cafe or transferred from another student phone. Students can make tuition payments using the money transfer service that comes with their mobile phone service.

Download a more detailed mLearning Project Summary