Month: June 2011

New Situation

We’ll start this with the end of the story: Cathy will have treatment and surgery soon that should resolve this completely.

The beginning of the story was recently when Cathy had a colonoscopy and found a tumor in her digestive tract. The biopsy indicated it is malignant. The good news is that further blood work and a CT scan indicate the cancer has not spread anywhere else, and the colonoscopy showed only this one tumor. The indications are good that this is contained and isolated.

Surgery, radiation, and chemo seem like the treatment that should take care of this, but we won’t know details until the surgeon can do an ultrasound on it in the next couple weeks. It also seems most likely that the surgery should completely remove the malignant tumor and leave Cathy cancer-free.

We would appreciate your prayers as we walk through this!

Emotionally we’re doing well, actually. Cathy was a little troubled for a few days, but the good news about the cancer not spreading relieved most of that. Neither of us are fearful or terribly unsettled. It hasn’t seemed as horrifying as we always thought news like this could be. It might change our summer plans regarding our staff conference in Colorado, but we don’t know yet.

We will let you know how things go. It is probably going to be a six month process, but that is just our early guess.