Month: August 2011

Two Free Days!

Wouldn’t you be thrilled with two free days at Disney…or a resort…or a spa?  Well, today I received (in a way) two free days.  I was going to celebrate the halfway mark since today was treatment 15 out of 30.  But when I mentioned that to my doctor, he said I only will have 28 treatments!  So I’m MORE than halfway done with this first stage of getting rid of this cancer.  Yeehaw!

The side effects I’m experiencing are better than what I was expecting.  It’s been wonderful to have no nausea and no hair loss.  Radiation burns, however, have become an uncomfortable reality, but I’m loaded up with things to help this.  Tiredness hits me too, but that’s just a good excuse to hang out on the couch and watch reruns of Friends.

Again, we thank you for your continual prayers!  We definitely sense them.  We have so much peace in all of this.


Our last First Day of School

2011 First Day of School

Audrey’s last First Day of School

Today was Audrey’s last first day of school. Cathy got up and saw her off, and I was happy to have someone else in the house awake with me that early. Overall, I think we’re all glad this is the last year of high school.

Audrey first day of kindergarten 1999

Audrey’s First Day of School 1999


However you say it, I am finished with six treatments out of thirty!  20% done (at least with this phase of the process).  And the wonderful news is that as of yet I have had no side effects!  I know they will hit sooner or later, but each day without them is such a blessing.  For those of you who have asked, my treatments are very simple.  The chemo consists of four pills after breakfast and three after dinner.  Radiation is in the morning, Monday through Friday, for all of about 30 seconds.  So far the process has been uneventful.  A few times I’ve even gone to bed thinking, “What’s on my schedule tomorrow?…Oh yeah!  Treatments!”  It  has literally slipped my mind several times that I’m even dealing with this.  God has given me, and Jerry and the kids, complete peace.  Thank you for all the prayers!

Day 1…

…and my head didn’t pop off my shoulders, my hair didn’t immediately drop to the floor and my hands didn’t swell up like Mickey Mouse. So far so good! Day 1 of 30 has been uneventful, and I like that. I’ll admit I was a mix of happiness and nervousness to put this new medicine into my body. I thought something might happen immediately! But nope. I know that in time this will change…but so will the cancer and that’s a good thing. So my new daily routine has begun…