Month: November 2011

Thank you, thank you, thank you…

We can not express enough how thankful we are for everyone’s prayers, love, gifts, food, time, kind words and more.  We have felt uplifted every step of the way, and we are so grateful to you all.  I (Cathy) am doing better each day and feeling pretty good right now!  The bouts with nausea were a bummer but are gone now, and I have my appetite back.  The abdominal discomfort is lessening, and each night I get better sleep than the previous night.  I am even looking forward to doing some cooking for Thanksgiving!  My sister is coming in town so I’ll have her get the turkey in and out of the oven : )  In all, things are progressing well, and I am content and thankful!

Yesterday ended well

Cathy finally got over her nausea by the end of the day yesterday. Today she is like a new person; had a good night’s sleep, is ready to eat breakfast, and is pain and discomfort free. Her mobility is good, too. She doesn’t hesitate to get up and walk around if she needs something. Recovery is moving faster than I expected. She even said she might write something to post here today.

Going home today!

Cathy Going Home

Cathy Going Home

After getting past more nausea this morning, Cathy finally got clearance to go home today. She is feeling pretty well otherwise and is ready to leave the hospital. Both of us are going a little crazy here.

She’s looking forward to her own bed and her own food again. And if she makes the same recovery progress at home that she has made at the hospital, it won’t be long until she is feeling better again.

Not today

Cathy’s primary doctor made rounds this afternoon and decided today was not the day for Cathy to go home. No one argued with her. Tomorrow looks likely, though, and Cathy has been feeling better this afternoon.

She walks whenever she wants now, and it’s not a big deal. I suppose the next big goal will be getting back into street clothes again.

Home today?

This morning the doctor making rounds thought Cathy might make it home today. I’m beginning to believe this could happen, given how much progress she’s made. If not today, certainly tomorrow.

Dealing with nausea has been the biggest challenge over the last 24 hours. The anti-nausea meds have not seemed to be effective, so Cathy’s gone through waves of feeling really bad. When it backs off she sleeps for a while and wakes up better.

Good recovery overall continues happening.

Good progress today

Cathy’s recovery goal for today was walking one lap around the hospital floor. She did 4. She was also in and out of bed several times and in and out of the chair many times. She’s doing great.

Pain management was a learning experience, though. Having had the “Mercedes Benz” of pain meds until today, it took a few hours before understanding how to manage discomfort and pain levels with a new system. Cathy ended the day uncomfortable but surviving. Hopefully tomorrow will look better in this area.

They say she should be able to come home on Tuesday. We’re praying.

Made Two Trips

Cathy ended up making two walking trips down the hall today. She did really well.

Tomorrow she is scheduled to jump to the next level of recovery with the removal of two more tubes. One of those tubes will be the pain med drip tube, to be replaced by taking pain pills instead.

The goal tomorrow is to walk a lap around the floor.

Windows open, pain meds working

Recovery with pain medication is good. Cathy is comfortable and enjoying the beautiful weather today with the windows open. She can’t stay awake more than 5 minutes at a time, but that is way better than experiencing the full on pain she would have without medication.

The goal today is to walk to the nurses’ station.

Two challenges today

Just after Cathy finished her walking tour of the hospital room, the good day she was having presented some challenges.

Her IV port problems had developed to the point where they required a specialist to put a new one in, but during the three hours while we waited for the specialist, Cathy got no pain medication. Shortly after she got back into bed from her walk and got the new IV port installed, her back developed some very acute pain. It was difficult for her to tolerate and difficult for me to watch with no way of helping.

Shortly after the pain meds kicked back in and gave her some relief from the intense pain, her surgeon visited us for a consultation. She explained that Cathy might need a smaller follow-up surgery in a few weeks, but it is still uncertain if that is required. While we are not happy with this possibility, we know God is taking care of us and will get us through it if it’s required.

In the mean time we will be praying that God gives our doctors wisdom and good judgment while they discuss Cathy’s situation and form a recommendation.

Taking a walk today

Cathy is out of bed again today and began walking around the room. Sounds like nothing, but it’s really good progress!

Today all the healing indicators were good with the minor exception of some complications with the IV port. She is drinking and beginning to take in clear liquids.

Recovering well

After a good night’s sleep Cathy is alert and on the recovery path. The big goal for the day is to get out of bed and into a chair. And to remain free of complications.

The room here has a Murphy bed, so I got a good night sleep, too.


[4:30] After an eight hour surgery the doctor said she got all the cancer. It wasn’t easy, though, as the previous radiation treatments caused other damage that was hard to work around.

Cathy is now in recovery.

We are grateful to God for this outcome and for everyone’s prayers.

In surgery now…..

[7:30 am] I got to see Cathy briefly before they rolled her to surgery. She was wearing new blue pajamas and had tubes plugged in to both hands. She was ready to get things started and wasn’t anxious at all.

Sometime after noon today when she gets out of surgery, or if anything interesting happens in the mean time, I’ll post another update.

Pray they would be able to remove all the cancer without removing any other parts she’ll want to keep.

Will you pray for Cathy Wednesday?

On Wednesday morning (November 9) Cathy will have her cancer surgery. Her surgeon estimated it would be an 8 hour procedure followed by 5 – 10 days in the hospital. We would value your prayers during this time!

I’ll post progress updates here as they happen.

When It Rains It Pours

You all know how much I love the rain!  However, watching a gentle rainstorm from the coziness of our home is very different from the raining down of some recent difficulties!  But God is big in both situations.

Last week I (Cathy) was in St. Louis to see family before I have surgery.  I wasn’t watching where I was going and tripped.  I ended up with big scrapes on my face, a black eye, and a broken left pinky that would need surgery!  This would mean two surgeries in a week and a half!

Meanwhile, Jerry was contemplating canceling a trip to Thailand to attend, and make a presentation at, the “MinistryNet: Bangkok 2011″ Conference.  With Bangkok flooding, he might risk getting stuck there and not return in time for my cancer surgery on November 9th.  Many new things for which to trust God!

But today we received good news!  My finger has actually aligned itself correctly in the temporary cast and will not need surgery!  We are so happy!  Jerry had already canceled his trip, but he is at peace about it.  Although I will have to recuperate with only one good hand, the fact that we don’t have to squeeze in an extra surgery is wonderful.

One silver lining in this recent raincloud was that I remained in St. Louis a few extra days to heal. That meant I got to be there when the Cardinals won the World Series, something that almost made the accident worth it!