Month: December 2011

Chemo to start in 2012

Cathy received some good news for Christmas recently; her chemo treatments will not begin until after the Holidays. This is really good news, as she was not looking forward to being tired and nauseated for Christmas and her birthday on New Year’s Eve.

Brother Jim and family will be here for Christmas, and we are really looking forward to their visit. Cathy is in full “Christmas spirit” mode now, even if not in full energy mode. We have lots to be thankful for this Christmas!

Minor Surgery Today; a port

Cathy gets a port installed today, near her shoulder, to make chemo injections easier. The nurse she had was really good and talked about all the benefits of having a port. She even suggested keeping it in after chemo treatments are finished to make follow up medications easier. It was then that I knew we have become citizens of a different world, where having permanent medical hardware installed is considered a good thing.

We’re praying today’s procedure, requiring full anesthesia, goes without complications.

No Second Surgery!

We met with Cathy’s surgeon today who recommended NOT to pursue a second surgery. After reviewing her situation with a group of doctors on a “tumor board” our doctor didn’t think it was a good idea going back in with no certainty that there was anything malignant there.

So that is really good news for Cathy!

This also means that chemo treatments will begin in the next couple weeks. We will be praying that Cathy responds to them as well as she did the first phase of chemo treatments.