Month: February 2012

Chemo Round 4 – Another good one

Cathy left the MD Anderson Cancer Center today amazed again at how good she felt. They made another adjustment to the combination of chemo drugs she gets, and it left her with greatly reduced side-effects. She is still wiped out tired, but that is much better than wiped out and horrible side-effects. This last phase, chemo treatments, have been a welcome answer to our prayers!

mLearning in a new era

On Wednesday two events marked a new era for our mLearning project.

First, we had the launch event of a major new version of the software we have been using, Allogy Digital Press. This new software will make it possible for non-technical people to publish their own mobile learning course for smartphones or tablets.

The second event was a planning meeting where the 8, or so, member mLearning team identified ten projects that are either under way or in the developing stages.

We are now out of the initial development stage of this project and into a growth stage. I’m excited about what this new phase will bring!

Chemo Round 3 – Best Yet

One of the side-effects of the type of chemo treatments Cathy is getting is an annoying tingling feeling in your fingers when she touches anything cold – like you get when you wake up in the middle of the night and realize you’ve been sleeping on your arm. Cathy had ten days of that tingling after her last session. Funny, she never complained about it, and I never knew it until she mentioned it to the chemo nurse last Monday. She just figured it was normal.

Ten days is too long, the nurse said, so they eliminated one of the chemo drugs that causes that issue from this round. This was the drug that has given her the most difficult side-effects.

As a result, Cathy felt pretty good this week during her third round of treatment. She had more energy and didn’t have the tingling and cold-sensitivity from previous weeks. This was great!

She is helping to plan a big church event this weekend, so the timing was good. She had energy to work on making the plans happen. Granted, she has probably over-done it, but the fact that she had capacity at all is amazing. She is grateful at how God has answered everyone’s prayers for her so far.