Month: August 2012

Cathy’s recovery is progressing

Cathy has been home from the hospital three days now, and each day is better than the previous one. She has a great attitude, but she knows the recovery road will be months long.

Andrew moved back home recently to start auto tech school, and Audrey is staying at home while she starts classes at the local community college. So the house is full and is a welcome distraction to the otherwise difficult recuperation process for Cathy.

We continue praying that her recovery goes well, but there are still a lot of unknowns. And we are grateful for the peace she has, knowing it is from God.

Cathy Final Surgery Today

Today’s surgery marks the end of a year-long cancer treatment road for Cathy. Right now (12:00 Orlando time) she is under the knife, and while the surgery’s outcome is not too uncertain, life from now on is. Last November’s surgery to remove the cancer was successful, but today’s surgery to put the rest of the “parts” back together will make it apparent what kind of quality of life Cathy will experience. We are praying for God’s grace and peace as she recovers and adjusts to a new normal.