Month: April 2013

Update on Cathy

2013-04-23 13.07.30 Jerry Cathy at beach

Tuesday afternoon at the beach,
the day we found out

It looks like Cathy will be resuming another round of chemo soon. Last Tuesday we learned that a spot on her lung which had appeared in one of her routine follow-up scans is, indeed, cancer. It is colon cancer in the lungs, as apposed to lung cancer, so this is apparently better. Her oncologist prescribed chemo treatments every other week for two months and said he is very hopeful that it will respond well.

Cathy had been fearing the worst when this spot became an issue, so the news on Tuesday was actually a relief. An afternoon trip to the beach and a few days of adjusting have really helped, too. There are no difficult decisions left to make for the next two months, so we will take one step at a time and trust God to walk us through this. Cathy is familiar with this type of chemo, and it’s not too bad with minimal hair loss. So there are a few things like this we are grateful for in the midst of this news.

If the spot responds well, there is the possibility of removing it completely, at which point Cathy would be cured of this one. That is what we are praying for. This isn’t the path we would have chosen for ourselves, but we trust that God knows what is best for us. We would be so grateful for your prayers as we begin this next phase of treatments.

Why Your Social Media Plan Isn’t Working

Several years ago one of the evangelistic websites I was working with,, developed a great way to interact with its visitors on Facebook. And then two months later Facebook changed things and rendered this great new social media strategy useless.

Social media sites are bad places to give exclusive control of your content, a point emphasized by Steve Raquel of IOV Media in a seminar today at Cru on how to maximize the impact of your online communication. One of the principles he emphasized was the need to control your content. That is, don’t give exclusive control of your content to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or any other social media site. Instead, post your content on your own website (like and use social media outlets to attract attention and draw your audience to your website where you retain control of the content.

In an effort to heed this advice I installed a plugin on my blog that allows me to push blog posts to both Facebook and Twitter.

Now I just need to start writing more ……

Atlantic to Gulf of Mexico

2013-04-07 16.54.08 Gulf of Mexico!

Curt, Jerry, Jim, and Andrew
at the Gulf of Mexico

Cross Florida 2013 (170 miles) was fun this year. Starting from Cocoa Beach on the east coast of Florida with an east wind, 60 F temperatures, and a group of 14 friends from the Eastside Cycling Club, it was a lot easier than last year and, in many ways, more fun. These were the three I finished with, Curt, Jim, and Andrew.