Month: June 2013

Chemo 3 of ?. Caught a little break

Cathy Getting #3

Ironically it seems the cancer center is where Cathy feels her best lately. Her potassium levels were low this morning, so she didn’t get one of the chemo drugs and had a better time of it overall. Or it just might be that the stronger anti-nausea meds she gets there work better.

The last month has been non-stop nausea for Cathy which has meant hardly any eating and lots of work to get the minimum amount of drinking. In fact, she has had fluids injected by IV on several days to keep her hydrated.

This morning the nurse told us that this is no way to live and that they would work to improve Cathy’s situation. So Cathy’s treatment protocol will change and hopefully give her some relief from feeling so badly.

This morning the nurse also explained that what we thought would be the end of chemo treatments after #4 would really only be a short break while they do some scans and determine if they’re working. If they’re working, they will likely resume to make a total of 6 to 8.

Chemo 2 of 4. Day started well. Ended well.


Cathy at MD Anderson

Today is chemo #2 of 4. We are hoping today goes better than last time, and we think it will. It took about 10 days before the nausea wore off from the first treatment enough for Cathy to resume eating, but we think the new mix of drugs on tap today will improve that. She’s eating Pringles even now as I’m writing this which is a huge improvement already! Thanks for your prayers. They are a big encouragement to Cathy.

[5:00 pm update. The day went really well! No nausea or other problems. Cathy said she feels as good now as she felt after 8 days of recovery after last time. This was a big emotional boost for her, too. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!]