Month: August 2013

All Moved In

Audrey’s apartment

Got Audrey settled in to Tallahassee today! She will complete her second year there at Tallahassee Community College then plans to transfer to Florida State University for the remaining two years of an undergraduate degree in Psychology.



Cathy’s home!

It’s always good to be home again when you’ve been away, but it’s even better when you’ve been away at the hospital. We set a new record on this trip; 15 days at the hospital.

Cathy is doing better but still needs a lot of rest. Eating remains a challenge. Previously it was nausea, now it is a “scratchy mouth.” Her lips, cheeks and throat all have that sensitive, painful feeling you get when you have a sore throat. No one knows the cause, but it will probably go away when she is done with the strong antibiotics.

Day 14 – Still at Hospital

When we checked in two weeks ago we never imagined it would be a two week stay! This is beginning to feel like the Hotel California; you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave. If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

The three main issues are all resolved now. White blood cell count is out of the danger zone, abscess is cleared, and leaking fluid hole is healed.

The prayers and encouragement from everyone have been amazing. We are so grateful for the friends God has given us who care for us and pray for us! As Cathy has said before, “Finding out how much people care for me is almost worth getting cancer for.”

So why are we still here?

Last Friday we thought we might leave on Saturday, but then we learned that a final scan was scheduled for Monday. We patiently waited through Sunday, but during this time Cathy developed problems eating. Her mouth hurts when she eats, so she has not been getting enough calories and her blood sugar is low. This might become an issue today that keeps us here longer.

Yesterday the scan happened, but it was too late in the day for final analysis. Apparently we may have to wait until this afternoon to meet with the doctor to get a report on it. It is our expectation to go home today, but that is not a forgone conclusion.

Clear Liquid Diet Now

One week ago I was urging Cathy to try her best to drink another 4 oz of liquids so she wouldn’t get dangerously dehydrated. The chemo had given her nausea again, and she didn’t want to eat or drink. Two days ago I was urging Cathy to try her best to NOT drink another 4 oz of liquids so she could follow doctor’s orders and keep her system clear to allow it to heal. Funny how a week changes things.

Cathy’s healing has continued now to the point where she began a clear liquid diet yesterday, and that made her very happy. She started by downing a big cup of water, one of the best she’s ever had, she said. Now her thirst is satisfied.

Along with her clear liquid diet, she has another regimen of clear liquid nutrition she gets by IV along with her regular IV fluids. She was already quite hydrated when this began yesterday, so adding up the water she drinks, the regular saline fluids, and now the “IV food” equals a LOT of hydration.

Things have really changed for the better in just a few days!

When will she come home? We don’t know yet, but it looks like early next week.