Month: September 2013

Six Gap

Six Gap on Hogpen Gap Summit 2013-09-29

On top of Hogpen Gap, 60 miles done.

Six Gap was a 104 mile ride through the mountains of north Georgia. 30 of us from the Eastside Cycling Club drove up and rode it. This was my first attempt, and I totally enjoyed it! The ride had 11,200 feet of climbing and crossed six mountain gaps. But the descents were, by far, the best part. Florida has nothing to compare to this, so I had an unexpected thrill on each of the five big downhill runs.

Can’t wait for next year!

Cathy Has Been Doing Well


After she got home from the hospital and had gone a few weeks without chemo treatments, Cathy’s life became easier! She has been enjoying increasing energy every day and a return to a more normal life.

There has been a change in the anticipated treatment now, too. Instead of focused radiation to eliminate the malignant spot on her lung, she will have VATS (Video-assisted_thoracoscopic_surgery) to remove it. The focused radiation option wouldn’t work well with the spot’s location near her heart. While the radiation option would have had virtually no recovery or side effects, this surgery will probably be the easiest one she has had yet, one or two days’ recovery in the hospital. October 11 is the scheduled surgery date.

Following surgery, we expect four more rounds of chemo therapy that will probably last through December. And then she will be done, for the most part. She is already looking forward to December, but she is enjoying every day now!