Month: October 2013

Cathy has been doing well. No chemo for now.

Cathy, a few days after surgery

Last week we met with Cathy’s oncologist who decided not to prescribe any more chemo treatments until the benefits were more certain. Since Cathy is free from any known cancer, the benefits of any further chemo treatments would be to kill off any malignant cells or small growths that are too small to detect. By definition, there is no way to measure the benefit of this treatment, but we already know the cost: Cathy has a really difficult time with this type of chemo.

So the plan now is to do one more CT scan November 4 and then send all that data to a team of doctors and find out what they recommend. We should probably know something mid-November whether further chemo will be prescribed or not.

In the mean time, Cathy is feeling good and enjoying the break!

Home Again!

Less than 48 hours after surgery, Cathy came home Saturday night! This was a completely new experience for us, being home so quickly after surgery. She felt great on Saturday, the day after, and had plenty of energy and not too much pain. She was up walking around the hospital floor at normal speeds within 24 hours, so they let us go home. It was easy, compared to the other surgeries she has had.

She is still significantly sore, and she wanted to point out, “It’s not a cake walk.” But the bottom line is that God blessed her with a very smooth experience and a quick recovery. Thanks for praying for Cathy!

Lung Surgery Went Well Today

Today Cathy’s VATS (video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery) went well to remove the malignant spot on her lung. The surgeon finished in under and hour and said she may go home tomorrow. This is really good news! We are so grateful for everyone’s thoughts and prayers!

This means Cathy is once again cancer-free. Or at least free from any known or detectable cancer.

The next step after this is chemo for four months, starting later this month.

I baked a pie

2013-10-11 09.11.18

My Pie

Yes, I made this myself. No, I’m not posting on Pinterest. Our church had a pledge drive dessert, and the leadership team made pies.

This had the unfortunate result of backfiring on me. Cathy’s first response: “Oh, that looks good! You can make the pie for Thanksgiving now.” D’oh.