Month: November 2013

Indigitous and Ekko

Indigitous Panama using Ekko 2013-11

Indigitous using Ekko

Last month I participated in a Cru conference called, “Indigitous” in Canada. Shortly following this one, another Indigitous conference happened in Panama City, Panama. It was at this second conference that our new mobile learning platform, Ekko Mobile, proved to be a useful tool for many of the digital outreach missionaries there. The simplicity of creating a discipleship course was exciting to them, as they need a way to lead students through some structured materials while they work with them toward spiritual growth.

One of the workshops led participants through the process of creating courses and developing plans to use them in either an evangelistic setting or in one of the Bible studies they lead. They were excited to use the system and created the start of a series of short courses in just a couple hours. We plan to continue developing this system and should have the Ekko app in the Google Play store and Apple App Store soon.

Wait Another Week

We met with Cathy’s oncologist today who confirmed Cathy is still cancer-free. We had hoped to find out if Cathy would have further chemo treatments, but the doctor needs to take some new information back to the tumor board (group of consulting doctors) before getting a final recommendation. It seems the decision is almost a toss-up between the likely physical cost on Cathy and the uncertain benefit for her.

So the tumor board is scheduled to review her case again next Wednesday, and we expect to hear something next Friday.

In the mean time we are making holiday plans……