Month: January 2014

Annie Pees on Cathy then Jerry

Annie turns 14 this year, and along with her age came a surprise as we traveled in the van to St. Louis for Christmas. About mid-day, after 7 hours of traveling Annie was fast asleep on Cathy’s lap in the passenger seat. Suddenly she had that warm, wet feeling running down her leg. I was driving and had a good laugh, as Annie had just peed on her in her doggie sleep. Not too much, but it meant she got to spend the rest of the day traveling in clothes with dog pee.

Later that night as Andrew was driving, I found myself in the front passenger seat with Annie sleeping on my lap. After a while I fell asleep, too, but woke up when Annie started stirring around. It was then I realized I now had that warm, wet feeling on my jeans. Cathy had more of a laugh on me than I had on her.

We were almost there, so I didn’t bother changing clothes, but as I walked in the door another surprise awaited me. I was laughing and showing my sister-in-law the spot where Annie had wet my jeans, but everyone else was pointing to my other leg and laughing at me even more. Annie had peed on me twice, once on each leg.

And then, of course, the jokes about, “Sure, blame that on Annie,” started.