This is the group of financial experts from around the CCCI world which met in Orlando recently to rank several financial products. The meeting was the culmination of a year of product research, requirements gathering, and user interviews. It was just a few minutes before this picture was taken that I experienced a significant sense of accomplishment – when the last person wrote their name and their product preference “vote” on the board!

Oh ya, MOFEM stands for March Orlando Financial Experts Meeting. I couldn’t come up with any better name.

This point really just marked the end of a phase of the overall project I have been leading to replace CCCI’s global financial software. There is still some additional research to complete, a contract to negotiate, an implementation consulting firm to hire, and a several-year project to migrate our 150+ country ministries to this new financial platform.

This was a really fun group, and the good thing is that I have the next few years to look forward to working with them as we get this project completed!

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