Next Gen Project Complete!

The Next Generation Financial Tool Project, on which I have worked for the last 18 months, is complete! The work of the project is complete even though the final selection has not been made. The end of this project looked very different than what we expected from when we began, but that is not surprising.

Originally we had expected to have a new accounting software package, appropriate for our small and medium sized ministries, selected, tested, and installed in three locations. Instead we decided to consider changing our entire global financial service structure and select an accounting software package which could handle all our global financial needs, including things which require systems typically outside the realm of accounting (payroll and donations processing).

The project got much larger in scope along the way, and the range of people involved in the project widened as well.

In the next couple weeks our regional leaders from Asia and the Europe/Africa corridor will meet to decide how we should proceed. Ultimately they will be the ones to select which financial package we use and what financial service structure we build.

Hopefully the process we ran with this project yielded the information they will need to make a good decision. I think so.

The next phase of the overall project will be deploying the systems needed to support the global financial structure we decide on. That phase will likely take a year – to install, configure, and write all the modified software to make a new global system work. And I don’t yet know exactly what my role in this part of the process will be.

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