Boarded up and ready for Irma

Boarded up and ready for Irma


We are staying in Orlando for Hurricane Irma. Our option to leave probably expired two days ago when Miami had a mandatory evacuation and filled all the northbound highways and used all the gasoline. They certainly needed those things more than we did! The risk of running out of gas on the highway and then getting hit by a hurricane while on the side of the road seemed worse than staying home and getting one of our windows broken. And now the forecasts say the winds in Orlando should be 100 mph or less, so this is better news.

Earlier in the week making this decision was pretty stressful. Canceling all your life’s plans based on uncertain forecasts that always change at the last minute is difficult. And when Irma was Category 5 and might have traveled up the east coastline and kept its energy, that could be dangerous for us.

In the end, we asked God to give us wisdom, and we made a decision to stay. Now we depend on God’s protection, and we are at peace with this. But tomorrow when hurricane winds are blowing around our house we might not feel so peaceful!

We would appreciate your prayers for safety, of course. And that God would dissipate the storm, minimize damage, etc.

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