Top Ten Technologies for the Future – Draft

[Bear with me. I want to write an article that can be used in student magazines in Eastern Europe. This is my rough draft area. Please comment.]

Intro: Life changes quickly, so don’t get caught dozing. Just when you thought you had the latest gadget or understood what just came down the technology pike, your friend shows up at your door with some new toy that you didn’t even know existed.

Here’s a list of the technologies that you can expect to find their way into your life, and those you can expect to vanish.

10. Vanishing: Sony Mini-Disc. Proprietary. Doesn’t work well with a PC. And with USB drives and MP3 music compression, why bother?

9. Coming on strong: Apple iPod. Despite being arrogant and proprietary, Apple seems to have produced the portable music industry leader. If you don’t own an iPod soon, it will only be because Apple couldn’t get all the way over their arrogance and price their devices competitively.

8. Vanishing: PDA’s. Personal Digital Assistants. Why carry around a PDA when you can carry around a phone that does the same thing or a PDA that doubles as a phone? Just before they die there might be one last surge of popularity as their prices drop into range of absolutely everyone.

7. Coming on strong: Digital photography. If you don’t soon own a digital camera, you will soon own a phone that has a digital camera. Sell your film camera while there are still people willing to buy one!

6. Vanishing: VHS.

5. Coming on strong: High-speed Internet and all that comes with it: e-commerce, online video, graphically rich websites, IP phones, IM….

4. Vanishing: CD-R. Now that DVD writers are cheap, DVD-RAM will replace CD-R.

3. Coming on strong: NED TV’s.

2. Vanishing:

1. Coming on strong: Fuel cell cars

[Lots of work and research left to do on this list.]

3 thoughts on “Top Ten Technologies for the Future – Draft

  1. Sony Mini-disc has been gone for a while now….
    VHS? I suppose somewhere in Moldova they might not realize it’s on the way out, but everywhere else knows DVD has already been here for 5 years. Not the future.

  2. Love the blog, Jerry!

    When will cheap (< $100) DVD recorders be available? Until then, the VHS recorders will continue to be in demand. Fuel cell cars will be a good 10 (maybe 20) years away due to [a] lack of infrastructure and [b] no consensus on the best medium from which to extract hyrdogen. But hybrids on the otherhand….. Jeff S.

  3. 27 August 2009: These probably weren’t too profound or insightful at the time, but at least I was right on them. Maybe a little weak on #4; flash memory has replaced CD-R’s, not DVD’s. And on #3, no one calls them ‘NED’ TV’s, but plasma TV’s and ‘big screen’ TV’s have definitely become the norm.

    Had I been truly prescient, I would have picked iPhone as the #1 coming on strong item and Long Distance Phone charges as the #2 vanishing item.

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