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The crew chose the field across the street from our house as the location for shooting an interview with Daniel Roemer, the director of the short film, Select Fit (screened at the last Damah Film Festival).

Cathy has wanted to participate in something like this for years, and this week she finally had the chance. Today was the fun part, filming.

Audrey and I were home together since she was sick, so when the crew (including Cathy) decided to descend on our neighborhood, we jumped in and had a lot of fun with them.

Annie even got in on the action, but she decided acting wasn’t her thing. After a couple runs across the field she decided it was better sitting down by the trees and chasing light spots.

The idea of this project is to use spiritual films (c.f. Damah Film Festival) as a basis for discussing spiritual things at student events. Our ministries in Romania and Ukraine have seen very positive response to these discussion oriented events. By filming a director’s commentary and director’s interview we have the chance to highlight spiritual themes in the films that create a setting for talking about Jesus Christ.

Audrey really enjoyed this and said she wanted to be in a movie someday herself.


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  1. Later I thought about this situation. We were making a “The Making Of..” type of segment. So I was taking photos of the making of the making of “Select Fit”.

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