Delayed in Warsaw

Tom, bored

Delayed and bored in Warsaw

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Tom and I are on our way to Gdansk, Poland to meet with our compatriots there who are producing some great web ministry through and

Our flight was scheduled to arrive in Gdansk at 23:50 (11:50 pm), 20 minutes from now.

It’s getting a bit boring, but really this is the first time I’ve busted out my laptop and used the free wireless Internet access anywhere.

All my bookeeping is up to date, and I just read an interesting book, too.

4 thoughts on “Delayed in Warsaw

  1. Two days without Internet access was actually a nice break. But I did post again as soon as I got back to the free wireless Internet access at the Warsaw airport.

    The book?
    Sipping Saints by David Wilkerson. Written in 1978. Basically it is a rant against Christians drinking. Very light on any solid reasoning. It approaches the issue assuming that drinking is morally wrong and reinforces the notion by pointing out all the problems associated with alcohol. The most well-stated case was contained in a two-page letter that he quoted from someone else.

    Here is a link containing most of his points. Ironically, his strongest point is absent from this posted sermon. (Historical evidence indicating the practice of producing unfermented wine, thus creating the possibility of two different “wines” being referenced in Biblical writings.)

    The book did not leave me impressed with David Wilkerson, circa 1978.

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