You can see Hel from here.

boat on Baltic Sea
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“People come here because there is god in the air, and you can see Hel from here.” That was the funniest thing I heard Anita say as we walked along the boardwalk in Sopot, Poland, a town just north of Gdansk. “God” (pronouced “yod”) means iodine, and there is a town called Hel across the bay on the Baltic Sea.

It was a very beautiful location and reminded me of visits to my grandparents’ house in East Tawas, Michigan on the shores of Lake Huron.

We also had the chance to walk around Gdansk’s Old Town, one of the nicer “Old Towns” in Europe.


* Anita later clarified that the element is spelled JOD and pronounced “yot”. Oh well. It was funnier when I misunderstood her!

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