This day one year ago

Audrey gets braces
Audrey gets braces
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This day one year ago was incredible.

ICSB had its annual Family Field Day where all the students play outdoor games at Margaret Island and all the parents get to sit around in the sun, eat, talk, and watch. Fun for all.

ICSB Family Field Day 2004 game

After last year’s field day we had an enjoyable early dinner with the Seelys near the orthodontist office that both of our families use.

And then Audrey had braces installed. She had been looking forward to that day for several years, and the day didn’t dissapoint.

While Audrey was getting braces, Andrew and I took the metro down a few stops to City Park and jumped on the trampolines there. The weather was perfect, and we had them to ourselves. Loads of fun.

Andrew getting upside down on the City Park trampolines

Backyard cherries

When we got home our backyard cherry tree was producing delicious fruit. The cherries were so memorably good that our kids have been looking forward to cherry harvest this year as much as the next shipment of toys from America!

This year was different, though. This morning it rained and Family Field Day was cancelled. What a contrast to last year!

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  1. I’m not sure how I missed that Audrey got braces and has had them a year! How much longer, Audrey?

    Rebecca got braces recently so she and Jessica both have them now. We’re thinking that Jessica will get hers off before the year is out (since she’s had them on 3 years now!).


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