It was the best of times…

…it was the worst of times.

So opens the Dickens’ tale of my destination tomorrow morning, Paris.

It is the best time to be going for several reasons. Tom and I will be talking to Eric C. about the possibility of making a translation of his site,, into several Eastern European languages. And if this project develops, it will be one of several things Campus Crusade is doing to combine the efforts of our two European regions, East and West. Best of all it will be good to see old friends, the Spears, who moved there last summer to work with CCC’s regional office.

It is the worst time to go otherwise. Cathy and I are so preoccupied with our rapidly approaching summer furlough trip and the end of school that there has been no time to anticipate going.

Maybe when I get there I’ll forget about the rest of my life and enjoy the moment.

2 thoughts on “It was the best of times…

  1. Will do!

    This is the meeting that Tom and I might have had with him in Budapest if we weren’t planning and running the MinistryNet conference!

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