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Our main destination on this trip was the office in Ozoir La Ferrier (southeast of Paris) and our meeting with Eric Célérier who we met at the MinistryNet conference last month.

It would be hard to imagine how our meeting with Eric and his staff could have gone better. Partnership with his Internet evangelism ministry looks very feasible. Challenges? Yes, big ones – but none that God can’t overcome. We must find the right people to coordinate different Eastern European language translations of, and we must obtain significant funding for the project. But if God intends to use this means of communicating the message of Jesus Christ and developing spiritual leaders, I am sure He will provide.

Another highlight of the day: French coffee!

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  1. Hi My name is Alphonse. At last world summit met some brothers and sisters to who I talk about my desire to have my own website.Some of them told me I can contact you may be be you will able to help me out.
    Thank you
    God bless

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