Russian Language Evangelistic Site

    – God is using several Internet Ministries to bring large numbers of people to faith in Jesus Christ. and are two examples. We are producing a Russian language ministry similar to, but three things must come together first:

  • funding for advertising (to get people to the evangelistic site)
  • an effective website that connects with the audience (ConnaitreDieu translated and contextualized into Russian)
  • a leader who can organize a network of volunteers to interact with visitors to the site

More about each of these:
    Partnership with Paris for the website
    Emerging Leader in Kiev
    Funding for the project

MinistryNet: Budapest 2005

    – In April 2005 we helped organize a conference in Budapest to encourage the growth of Internet Ministry. Over 67 people from 29 different countries attended! Several new outreach initiatives started as a result.

Student Evangelistic Magazine Sites

   – The first ten minutes that our staff members have with a new student are critical. Either the student will listen to them, or they will dismiss them as someone who can’t relate to their life. We produce student magazines and websites that establish trust between students and our staff members, and they show that we are concerned for the things that relate to a student’s life. We want to introduce them to the most important person they could ever meet, Jesus, and the first ten minutes are critical!

    Poland project      Polish Student Site
    Ukraine project    Ukraine Student Site
    Romania project   Romanian Student Site

Student Short Film Outreach:

   – Students don’t generally read the Bible, but almost all students watch movies. Spiritual Film Festivals have provided a venue for our staff members to discuss important spiritual issues with students in a non-threatening environment.

Based on films from the Damah Film Festivals, we are producing “bonus” material that directs student discussion toward their need for Jesus Christ.
Kiev short film outreach

Filming in Budapest

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