Month: May 2005

Film Workshop

Film Workshop
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Today was Day 1 of a film workshop here in Budapest. Cathy and I get to participate! The goal is to create a series of bookends for some of the Damah Film Festival films. These can then be used to start discussion at student film events like the one we saw in Kiev last Fall.

While this isn’t the main thing we are doing here in Budapest, (helping create Internet ministry is), we have both enjoyed jumping into this project periodically. And once something like this series is finished, it’s an easy conversion from DVD to the Internet.

In the photo, Jim and Kalman are the ones with the cameras. They live here in Budapest. Daniel Roemer is our imported talent from L.A. You can see one of his films at the Damah Film site.

Cathy gets to stay all week and help write. I don’t have that luxury at the moment. For me, it’s trips to plan and people to call.