Today we arrived at Langewood, our ancestral vacation land. My great great grandparents purchased this land in northern Wisconsin almost 90 years ago. Six generations of our family have enjoyed summers here. My grandparents spent their honeymoon here and lived off this land during the Great Depression. My parents took their honeymoon here, and almost 17 years ago, Cathy and I did, too.

On this land are five cabins; one with a shower and an indoor bathroom, two others with just running water, and two that are used for storage and the occasional rodent winter shelter.

If you grew up here, as I did, this all seems normal. If you came for a visit, two things would stand out most about Langewood, the outhouse and the vintage.

The outhouse is a two seater. My great grandfather had a sense of humor.

Langewood WeehoosIt is still used to this day, and if this isn’t interesting enough, consider that this same outhouse, having withstood the rigours of Wisconsin winters and summer storms for about 75 years, experienced *rebuilding* two years ago after being the unlucky landing pad of a falling tree.

It’s not in heavy use, mind you; I had the privilege of initiating it for the season upon our arrival. I made my journey to the “Weehoos” in the dark with a warning from Mom to watch out for the black bear that was sighted in the area a few days ago.

Using an outhouse is something everyone should do, but if you’re a girl it would be better to try during the day.

Cathy, having participated in this unique family vacation spot for over 16 years, decided she has made her last trip in the dark to the Weehoos. We’re staying in the cabin with the indoor potty.

I’ll tell you more about the vintage tomorrow.

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