Lost and Found

For the last two days Andrew has been without his favorite ring. This is the ring he forgot to take with him this summer and that he lost within a week of returning to Budapest. He scoured the house and van looking for it, and we even took a trip to IKEA where he thought it may have fallen out of his pocket into one of the futons. Nope, not there either.
So tonight we stopped and prayed together and asked God to show us where it was. God, of course, knows these things and can easily show them to us. I had finished my petition to God about two seconds when Andrew said, “Oh, I never checked the couch.” And, of course, that is where we found the ring 30 seconds later. (Not only did we find the ring, but we also found the purse of someone who lived in our house this summer!)
If this was the first time our lost things had been found I might not have noted it, but I can’t recall a time when I asked God to show me something I had lost when God didn’t.
One more reason why I pray for lost souls; God knows where they are and can make them found again.

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