The Newbie and the 30 Foot Hole

After church today Andrew and his friend, Ben, told me there was a giant hole in front of the church. “It’s at least 50 feet deep!” they said.

Not a little skeptical, I went to check it out. There had previously been a sink hole at this spot, boarded up, but they said the recent heavy rains had washed even more of it open.*

Standing at the edge of this hole I estimated it dropped straight down for 30 feet (10 meters). Then the opening took a turn and went out of site. It looked like the opening to a cave, only completely vertical.

Next to me I heard another boy express what I was thinking.

“Man, some kid could fall into that hole and kill themselves. Then you could sue ’em.”

“Must be fresh off the boat,” I thought. He had it all right up to the point about suing. Here in Hungary you just stay away from 30 foot holes; no one gets sued.

* They also said, “That must have washed out that door down there.”

“What door?”

“The door at the bottom of the ladders.”

Sure enough, there were ladders anchored into the shaft below the barricades about 10 feet to the right of this new opening, and my little adventurer (well, not so little anymore) had been over the barricades and down there to discover it. Some things are better not to know.

3 thoughts on “The Newbie and the 30 Foot Hole

  1. May I quote what you said this afternoon as you were over at our home with your family? Too bad!
    “I’m not a blogger anymore.”

    If it looks, sounds, and smells like a duck…

    Glad to have you back!

    And as I have told that son of yours…he even X-TREME Breathes!

  2. I wrote that story for you, Valerie. Hopefully you won’t have one of your own to add that about Kirby Ann and the hole!

    As long as stuff comes to mind I’ll keep trying to write it and photograph it – for now. 🙂

  3. That was a very nice comment, Jerry. As I thought of what you might say back, I thought you might comment, “smells like a duck? Do you go around smelling ducks?” I am one of those people who always gets those sayings mixed up!

    On the Kirby Ann note, if there is not a “hole” story about her, I feel confident that her future will lend to many equally as entertaining and petrifying!

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