The New Adler

Adler menu

Adler’s menu

Our favorite local restaurant is The Adler, and recently they opened a new coffee shop across the street from their original location. It has additional hotel rooms (it’s an inn) and an outside dining area. Tonight Cathy and I plan to have some coffee and dessert there.

While I was in St. Louis Cathy took the kids there for dinner one night. She noticed they had new menus, so she asked if she could buy one of their old ones. They gave it to her as a gift. It will make a nice memory of our favorite place.

We will miss the Adler and its waiters. They have become friends over the past few years and always give us a smile and friendly wave when they see us around town.

[Later: The experience didn’t disappoint. The owner showed us one of the new rooms, too. Very nice. If you come to Budaörs, this is where you should stay!]

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