Cereal Box Surprises

Translating cereal boxes in Hungary provides us lots of morning entertainment. You have lots of pictures to help you out, and they are often written to the less alert or the beginning reading crowd. Our most recent box of “Cini Mini’s” (Cinnamon Toast Crunch in the U.S.) had a surprise we never expected on a cereal box, much less any box of food; toy body parts.

Our first hidden surprise was a plastic nose. It had air holes at the usual places, so naturally, it soon became a runny nose once filled with water. Fun, but not exactly what I would expect from my cereal box.

This morning’s surprise was – intestines! Yes, inflatable intenstines, a la, whoopee cushion intenstines. I am still amazed that this came out of my cereal box.

Nevertheless we played along and enjoyed our new toy. Here Jim, our guest for the week, blows it up for the first try.

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