Ugly Stick Photo

Ugly Stick Photo

Ugly Stick Photo

Last week I applied for a new passport and mentioned that the photo service I used hit me with their ugly stick just prior to the exposure. Several people goaded me to post this frightful image, so here it is.

“You don’t look ugly, Honey. You just look serious… international… and like a hit man,” was Cathy’s “encouragement” when I showed her. Thanks, Sweetheart. I think.

This new travel document has one nice aspect, and as I picked it up today they told me I was lucky. I got a 48 page passport rather than the standard-issue 24 pager. That means fewer page inserts will be necessary in the future when this one fills up. My freshly retired passport had two 24-page inserts added already, making it look more like a pocket novel than a passport.

Since I’ve already shown you the worst, I might as well show you the rest, too. The event which best epitomizes my other bad ID picture is the time I flashed my driver’s license to the high school punk running the Blockbuster register a few years ago.

Florida DL photo

“Surprised, huh?” was his unsolicited comment when he saw it. Grr.

4 thoughts on “Ugly Stick Photo

  1. I have to agree with Cathy…my first thought was “Wanted by the FBI.” Thanks for being so vulnerable, Jer. It was fun for all!!

  2. I have to admit that I laughed at the DL photo! Sorry. But the new passport one isn’t as bad as you think it is. It’s just your serious side. Maybe noone will mess with you as you go through customs.

  3. Actually, this is probably more what you would look like after a long flight and going through passport control lines anyway.

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