Almost Ready for Prime-Time

Uh oh. I got hooked on another web site project last night. It was my goal before we moved to get the OLD Danube International Church website converted to a NEW Danube International Church website based on a content management system called Joomla. This change will allow members to login and see private information, and it will allow anyone with a web browser to update the content without knowing anything technical. The software system was free, and I paid $20 for the template which is in use on the site (which gives the site its look and feel). It took me about 20 hours of work over the last few months and, voila, a new website!

Compared to the amount of time, money, and expertise previously required to produce something equivalent five years ago, this is like magic. I am really amazed.

[If you visit the site, try the “Template Chooser” feature in the lower left corner. I found it amusing.
Also, I would value any feedback you have about the site. Post comments here.]

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