The Start of my Blackmail Career

On a cold, drizzly day today here in Budapest Andrew finished his least favorite class; Hungarian Culture. His first year of this class was a dud because the teacher was, well, not a good one for sixth grade boys. I forget what last year was like, but the reason this year’s class fell to the bottom of his, and all the other boys in his class, popularity charts was because they had to learn and perform a traditional Hungarian dance. A day has not passed in the last six weeks where we have not heard of the pain and suffering each of these boys has endured. While this could reasonably be expected from girls, he asks, how can anyone expect 8th grade boys to like this? His sympathetic father didn’t help the situation any either.

Today, though, his sympathetic father took a step down the road of sinister behavior. I recorded video of his Hungarian dance performance. He trusts me enough to know that I probably won’t post this video here, but his friends weren’t so sure. When one of his friends saw me filming, a look of horror shot across his face.

“Please tell me you will delete that video, Mr. Hertzler!”

“,” was my only reply.

This sent him over the edge. He almost tackled me to get the camera.

While I don’t plan to show you this video, I do plan to hold it over Andrew’s head as a threat whenever it serves my ends. Let the blackmail begin!

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