Dryer On; Water Heater Off

Friday around 11:30 pm our “new” gas dryer was ready for its first load. Having learned how to connect a dryer to the natural gas line, I was feeling pretty good about myself – until the next morning when Audrey came out of the shower complaining that she got NO hot water. Then it occurred to me that shutting off the gas so I could hook in the dryer also shut off the water heater’s pilot light. Restarting the pilot light was every bit as challenging as hooking up the dryer, but both are now working and family is now happy again. This marks the end of our era of living without a dryer for three years. I regret the end of this era as much as I regret going from one car to two.

I feel like I’m doing my part as an American to burn as much energy per capita as possible!

One thought on “Dryer On; Water Heater Off

  1. Hi,

    I was looking for answers to this question. I wanted to know if it is possible to connect a gas dryer to the water heater and it seems like this was what you did. Is this safe? My gas dryer has just been connected to the water heater and I am scared to use it yet. I am just a renter in this duplex. It has no 220 connection so I decided to buy a gas dryer. Can you please e-mail at the above e-mail address? Thank you.

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