American Coffee Shops vs. Hungarian Coffee Shops

American Coffee Shop

American Coffee Shops

Pro: no smoke

Con: no porcelain – unless you ask

Pro: twice as much coffee.

Con: twice as much coffee – head spins when finished.

American: comes with bagels

Hungarian: comes with atmosphere

Same: wireless Internet, newspapers, good coffee.

3 thoughts on “American Coffee Shops vs. Hungarian Coffee Shops

  1. From the pic, it would appear that you are at Panera. It becomes painfully obvious that you are no true coffee drinker (you know, the type that mixes their coffee with hot chocolate) if you call their coffee “good” after living here! 🙂

  2. Nope, Einstein Brothers Bagels. I had a cappuccino, so the milk and sugar masked the flavor of the coffee. I thought I was being fair in calling their coffee good under those conditions.

    Bad coffee was the hotel coffee we had at the retreat the other week. It was like coffee flavored water. Horrible.

  3. I just returned from two weeks in Hungary. The coffee was rich, dark and not bitter at allIt was referred to as American vs the darker European coffee, similar to espresso.
    Is there some recipe or method to recreate Hungarian coffee?

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