‘Painting is not as fun as I thought’ – Andrew

After spending a few hours at the hardware store getting tape, rollers, mixed paint, etc. then spending another hour taping off baseboard trim, then finally getting some primer on the wall – with fumes strong enough to raise Jimmie Hendrix from the dead, Andrew concluded, “Painting is not as fun as I thought.”

I laughed out loud. I had the perfect Tom Sawyer going on him. The plan, by his suggestion, was to paint his room on his own. I explained how much confidence I had in him and that I would be happy to let him try this out to see if he could do it. Unfortunately he figured it out even before the first coat of paint was dry. Fortunately he has my same desire for closure, so now that the project has begun he is determined to finish it.

This picture is Andrew in the practice stage while it was still fun. He wants to graffiti his room after painting it white.

Andrew Sprays Graffiti


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