Dis-Service in my own language (poor service at Winter Park Dodge)

It’s good to know I can get disservice in my own language now. In Budapest I was never sure if I was getting disservice or just experiencing a communication problem. With the language barrier removed now, it’s back to simply disservice.

This was a recent call to BellSouth:

Jerry: I’m calling to find out if calls from BellSouth customers in Orlando are long distance to my new cell phone.

BellSouth Agent: What is your BellSouth number?

Jerry: I don’t have a BellSouth number, my friends do. I have a cell phone number they’re calling. I want to know if they have to pay long distance to call me.

BellSouth Agent: I’m sorry I can’t do that. My computer only allows me to look up numbers of existing BellSouth customers, and I can’t give you information about someone else’s account.

Jerry: Ok. Let’s try this another way. I am a potential BellSouth customer, but I would like to know what it would cost me to call my mobile phone from my home phone if I get a line.

BellSouth Agent: I’m sorry I can’t tell you that until you have a phone line. Then I can look it up.

[dumbfounded silence at my end]

I finally gave her an OLD BellSouth number of mine, and she confirmed it would be a long distance call to my cell phone.

Next was an experience at Winter Park Dodge:

Jerry: Last week I brought my car in for service on the same issue, belt noise, which was repaired 200 miles earlier. This should be covered by your service warranty. Upon picking it up last Saturday I was charged $100, and your mechanic said it wasn’t covered by your warranty since it was not related to the previous repair. Furthermore, your mechanic said he didn’t know what the problem was, just that it wasn’t a belt noise.

Winter Park Dodge Service Manager: Hmm. I can see that seems a little steep. Have you paid this already?

Jerry: Yes

Winter Park Dodge Service Manager: Can you bring me your receipt so I can see it?

Jerry: It’s rather difficult driving across town. Can’t you retrieve a copy of the receipt from your computer?

Winter Park Dodge Service Manager: My computer is on a different screen right now. Can I take your number and call you back?

Meanwhile I take the car to another mechanic who immediately identifies the noise as belt noise, and the Winter Park Dodge Service Manager never called back. I finally called him, and he agreed to refund half of what they charged me. A week later I am still waiting to see any refund. Meanwhile, the other mechanic fixed the belt problem for $200.

Considering service at Winter Park Dodge? Caveat emptor.

4 thoughts on “Dis-Service in my own language (poor service at Winter Park Dodge)

  1. Update: After several calls by me I finally got through to the Service Manager again. He said I’d have to bring my credit card in to get the refund. Grrr.

  2. Final Update: I called their Parts department and confirmed that I could buy (and return) parts over the phone with my credit card. Then I called the Service Manager and explained that he could process the refund without my bringing the credit card to him. He took the number and processed the refund for half the amount of their charge. So rather than charging me one full hour of mechanic’s time to determine that my belt noise was “not belt noise,” they only charge me one half hour!

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