Pop Quiz – What Color is the Insulation?

New Air Conditioner unit

Pop Quiz: What color is the insulation on the inside of a new air handler unit?

Answer: Black, of course.

There are few mistakes I’ve made more expensive than this one, although in my defense, I was either deceived or ill-informed about my conclusions. After hearing an air conditioning service agent tell me that our inside air handler unit was full of mildew, after seeing black insulation myself, and after speaking with no less than five different air conditioner companies, no one questioned the conclusion that black insulation meant mildewed insulation.

“Your unit looks really clean, why did you need to replace it?” was the installer’s question that made my stomach turn this morning.

I looked at the new unit and with horror saw black insulation. I even called the manufacturer and asked them what was the color of the insulation in their units. Black. Unfortunately the freon lines and heating lines had already been cut and drained on the old unit, so there was no recourse.

Why have fun when you can own a house?

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