Phone Beats Internet

Palm Leaf Skeletonizer

Palm Leaf Skeletonizer

Living in a land where asking questions was always a challenge (Hungary), I got used to asking the Internet instead. In fact, I’ve come to think that if I can’t find it on the Internet it must not exist.

Today I found something in real life that helped me more than my fruitless Internet searches; a local county service which answered my question by phone about this here palm tree problem. Wow. How old fashioned, yet effective.

[My Washington Palm trees have Palm Leaf Skeletonizer, a form of caterpillar which leaves behind these brown, fuzzy webs. If you are interested, the treatment for them is to spray with caterpillar killer. Any “BT” product should do. The liquid form is called Thuricide, and the powder form is Dipel. Available at your local yard store.]

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